Would Mitt Romney's father vote for him? Based on his 47% comments that have been burning up the internet this week, Jon Stewart thinks absolutely not. Stewart and the Daily Show team tackled the clips from the $50,000/plate Mitty Romney fundraiser, thoroughly ripping him for inelegant statements said, "in a manner you might imagine cartoon rich people talk about cartoon poor people." Watch below:

Stewart believes Romney has had quite a tough month: upstaged by a chair, botching his response to the deaths in Libya, and now outed as a rich, out-of-touch, smug guy. You know you've dug yourself into a hole when you start attacking retired grandmothers for not paying income tax: "Mr. Romney knows them as personal responsibility-shirking unconvinceables—you may know them as the Greatest Generation, and/or Nana."

Later in the episode, correspondents Al Madrigal and Jessica Williams discussed Romney's joke that he'd have a better chance to win the election if he were Mexican: "Everything in this country is easier if you're Latino...It's just like Shakespeare said: of all the races twixt Earth and sky, Latinos are the luckiest."

And as a web bonus, deranged millionaire John Hodgman decided to state Romney's position even more elegantly, top hat, suit and all: