Barneys New York has been widely condemned in recent weeks after at least two customers came forward to sue the retailer for unjustly accusing them of thievery. Jay Z has also come under fire for not withdrawing from his business relationship with the company. But as Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore explained on The Daily Show last night, this is actually a moment to celebrate: "White people have been watching their musical icons sell out to corporations for decades. It's the American dream and we're finally achieving it. You go Jay Z Penny!"

It may be okay that Jay Z has embraced being a middle aged sell-out, but Barneys insiders and workers tell the Huffington Post that racist culture in ingrained at Barneys. “If you’re black and come in with an entourage, you won’t be followed because they’ll be like ‘Oh, that’s somebody famous,’" the employee told them. "But if you come in by yourself or with one other person, then you’re going to be followed.”

For their part, Barneys CEO Mark Lee publicly apologized last week to the two African-American customers who claim they were profiled in the store, while at the same time insisting that this was all the NYPD's fault.