The Ebola crisis in West Africa has resulted in fears about the deadly disease. On Monday, when a man was treated at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital for Ebola-like symptoms (which are symptoms for other sicknesses as well), the freakout reached the media capital of the United States. Enter The Daily Show—Jon Stewart said, "First it was war, then it was plague. We're either in the end times or a Syfy original movie."

The Daily Show's senior health correspondent Jessica Williams suggested those who should panic are people living in really nice apartments. When Stewart asked if she was trying to take advantage of the situation, she said, "I think I need to be quarantined, up in that penthouse. For 1,100 dollars a month and no broker's fee."

Anyway, Mount Sinai's CEO Dr. Kenneth Davis does not think it's likely the patient admitted to the hospital for high fever and diarrhea has Ebola. There was a scare on a flight from Abu Dhabi landing at JFK Airport yesterday, because of a two-year-old was vomiting and had diarrhea, but the child does not have Ebola.

But don't worry—the NYC Health Department is prepared to "rapidly" ID Ebola cases. In the meantime, enjoy Pat Kiernan yelling "Ebola!" over and over again: