We only have a few more months left of Jon Stewart hosting The Daily Show, and last night was a great reminder of what we're losing: Stewart sat down for a serious interview with former NY Times reporter Judith Miller in which he masterfully grilled her about the Iraq War and her false report about WMDs.

He wasted no time cutting to the chase: "My feeling has always been...that I believe that you helped the administration take us to the most devastating mistake in foreign policy that we've made in like 100 years," Stewart started the interview. "But you seem lovely."

Stewart points to bipartisan idiocy, putting the onus on the White House and the corroboration of scoop-hungry reporters like Miller. As he put it, it took "a concerted effort to take us to war with Iraq...somebody pointed the light at Iraq, and that was the White House." Then in the second part of the interview, which you can see below, things get more awkward and adversarial as Stewart gets more specific about Miller's reportage and the origins of her various hard-to-reach "sources."