Jon Stewart wasted as little time as possible plugging guest Bill O'Reilly's new book last night on The Daily Show before jumping into the conversation he really wanted to have: "Here's all I want from you today," Stewart said. "I want you to admit there is such a thing as white privilege." Earlier this summer, O'Reilly had debunked the idea of white privilege by arguing that the problems with the black community "are the real issue here," and also something about Asian privilege. Watch below as Stewart tries everything he can to convince O'Reilly that he is wrong wrong wrong.

Once again, O'Reilly argues that "Asian privilege" is as real as white privilege because Asians make more money than whites, which dumbfounds and frustrates Stewart to no end. "Sorry to confuse you with facts!" O'Reilly says, before explaining that the president is black and Oprah is black, therefore...white privilege doesn't exist?

Stewart doesn't buy it: "White people, males, set the system," Stewart sums up. "So that's what privilege is: white people set the system that yes, maybe Asian immigrants once immigration process was liberalized have done better over the last 30 or 40 years, but there has been a systemic systematized subjugation of the black community."

Ultimately, while Stewart can't get O'Reilly to agree on the term, O'Reilly does agree that the residual effects of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and the entire history of America does create more of a "burden" for black people in America. Well, he says it's a "factor," but we suppose that's a start (or as Stewart put it, "Your humility has moved me").

If you're hungry for more O'Reilly/Stewart eye-rolling and talk-overing, you can watch their extended interview here.