This week, Jon Stewart and the Daily Show team ripped into Mitt "Monty Burns" Romney for his 47% comments at a $50,000/plate fundraiser. But in the wake of the extremely viral videos, Fox News decided to go into extreme spin mode, proving as always: when in doubt, blame Jimmy Carter's grandson. Stewart, unsurprisingly, has a problem with how the turd containment crews at Fox News are covering the story. Watch below:

But seriously, the 47% videos are from May, people, and they are distracting us from REAL ISSUES, like a 1998 video of Obama saying something librul:

But let's stay on point: Obama is a tyrant who rules over an entitlement society (and that narrative is the core of Bullshit Mountain):

Boy, we can't wait for that Stewart/Bill O'Reilly head-butting debate.