Jon Stewart crashed The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night to continue rallying support for the Zadroga Act. However, Colbert felt that Stewart's heartfelt plea was "borrriiiinnngggg" and recommended a foolproof way for Americans to pay attention: Trump It up, by wearing a hideous sick-pee yellow wig and Cheeto dust for demagogue skin color.

The former Daily Show host returned to his old show earlier this week to slam the Republican-controlled Congress for not acting on the about-to-expire bill, which provides healthcare funding and compensation for 9/11 first responders and their families, with a heart wrenching look at the toll the responders have faced since 2001. But on The Late Show, Stewart gamely become the clown who is the leading Republican candidate for President:

"These 9/11 first responders, let me tell you something, these 9/11 first responders are most top-notch, first-class, diamond-encrusted heroes America can produce!" Stewart bellowed, angrily shaking his body (because The Donald equals America's untapped rage). "Don't let Congress play politics with this necessary bill. If I'm elected—and I will be elected—I will build a wall around politics and I will make politics pay for it."

He added, "Tweet at your Congressman with #WorstResponders. Tell them Donald told them to pull up their big boy pants and help make America great again and pass the Zadroga Act or I will glue Congress together, dip them in gold and wear them around my friggin' neck. Classy! Fantastic!"

The Zadroga Act will be included in next week's House omnibus bill. Rep. Dan Donovan, the Republican Congressman from Staten island, told the Daily News, "Speaker Ryan told me this morning that the Zadroga Act, which funds health screenings and treatments for 9/11 first responders, is in the large spending bill that will pass next week. We spent months fighting side-by-side with American heroes — with men and women who shouldn't have to shoulder this burden because they are already fighting for their lives — to make our case. I've said all along that on the merits, we will win."