Last night, Occupy Wall Street protesters marched in solidarity with protesters injured at Occupy Oakland this week. And while things were calm for the most part here, people are still trying to make heads-and-tails out of what happened in Oakland, where police fired tear gas, rubber bullets, flash-bangs and bean bag projectiles at OccupyOakland protesters. Jon Stewart was particularly flummoxed by the extreme police response: "Seems a little heavy handed. Unless, was one of the protesters Godzilla? That would justify an attack." Watch below:

Although police complained of a public safety threat, Stewart points out that the "ruffian" protesters who were tear gased included flanneled teens, dull professors and a dude in a wheelchair. He argues there must have been a less violent way of resolving the public space dispute, and getting protesters to leave that particular space across from City Hall and occupy Oakland Coliseum, or somewhere not being used. And then he ends things with a slightly underwhelming pee joke about Oakland Raiders fans, the "Mad Max re-enactors club," as one should always end pointed critical analyses.