The newly-slimmed down (and cable-ready) Rev. Al Sharpton visited the Daily Show last night, and sat down with Jon Stewart to discuss the Occupy Wall Street protesters who have been nestled in Zuccotti Park for the last month. Among other things, they covered the media bias in reporting on OWS, and Sharpton's full embrace of OWS, including the time he broadcast his radio show live from the park. But the most interesting parts of the interview came when the two criticized the "theatrics" around OWS. Watch below.

"For me, this is my own problem, my own inhibitions, the theatrical aspects of all that and some of the elements that are attracted down there, I'm not usually down with, but I am very much interested in the message that's being articulated and the feeling that is," Stewart said, asking Sharpton whether the theatrics are a necessary evil to attract the media attention. "What they've done there is so unusual that it can't be ignored," Stewart added, but now that they have the world's attention, people are left wondering, "'When are you going to change the world for us?' Maybe we are expecting too much."

The interview ran too long for Comedy Central, so you can watch the rest of it below: