Donald Trump has made a border wall with Mexico one of the cornerstones of his presidential campaign, along with making casual bigotry and goggle ring eyes cool again. But as John Oliver sees it, it's really his only proposal: "The border wall is one of the few policy proposals Trump has talked about in details, so instead of mocking or dismissing it out of hand, let's take a serious proposal by a serious presidential candidate seriously," he said.

Below, watch as Oliver rips apart the "practicality" of the impossible, impractical symbol of fear; dismantles Trump's claims about its purported effectiveness and how we would pay for it; and knowing that it would conservatively cost at least $25 billion to build one, offers his own counterproposal of how to spend that money to better effect: a Palmer waffle iron for every American.

"Is it significantly stupider than Donald Trump's wall?" Oliver asked. "Because this waffle iron plan will cost less, it'll do nearly as much to keep out immigrants and drugs, it won't harm our relationship with our third largest trading partner, if it is racist it's only toward Belgians, and unlike Donald Trump's wall, this makes fucking waffles!" It's time to #MakeAmericaWafflesAgain.