John Oliver has pounced on that story about the Port Authority pressuring housewares store Fishs Eddy to stop selling items with drawings of Port Authority-controlled structures, like the Lincoln Tunnel and the old Twin Towers. The Port Authority claims that the use of the drawings harms the agency's reputation, but last night Oliver used his HBO program to humorously state the obvious: "Its reputation is terrible. Because the only thing people think of when they hear its name is the Port Authority Bus Terminal."

Oliver continued, "The Port Authority Bus Terminal, also known as the single worst place on Planet Earth. It is a place where cockroaches run up to people yelling, 'Please get me out of here.'" His crew also asked New Yorkers for their impressions of it: Answers included, "Pretty gross," "Really creeps me out" and "Fucking disgusting."

Guess that $60 million to make it a little less soul-crushing might not be enough.

Last Week Tonight also reminded viewers of an excellent Everybody Hates Chris episode called "Everybody Hates The Port Authority"—Chris' mom warns the family there are "pickpockets, pimps, murders, child molesters and thieves" there: