Gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan, of the RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH party, was on The Wendy Williams Show today. Besides noting his resemblance to another wise figure, Williams chatted with him about his rent, asking him, "I understand you’re a 64-year old retired postal worker who lives in Brooklyn and paying $800 a month in rent?" To which McMillan said, "I pay a little bit more than that, but I want to focus on the people - that’s why I tell them that story, it’s not about me it’s about the people."

McMillan also said of his revolution, "It’s crazy for the people. And I’m hoping that everyone like what they heard we want to do, they can’t live here under these current circumstances. I appreciate the love and support that everyone has showed me, because rent is too damn high!" He also said he was the only person working on his campaign.

McMillan thinks he'd win the election if it were held today; Republican strategist Roger Stone, who is advising both Kristin Davis and Carl Paladino, said, "He's a cross between Isaac Hayes and Hulk Hogan. He's very entertaining." Of course, there are those allegations of anti-Semitism and the News reports, "In 1993, McMillan was arrested and later hospitalized after he scaled a cable on the Brooklyn Bridge with a knife." The Brooklyn Bridge thing is the kind of the badass thing we'd expect of a karate expert who is a cross between Isaac Hayes and Hulk Hogan!

Of course, the other McMillan video that's been circulating is the debate/Up mash-up that features McMillan and frontrunner Andrew Cuomo.