Former politician Sarah Palin does not believe in climate change, just as she does not believe in same sex marriage, taxes, and English sentence structure. She has made this abundantly clear through a number of garbled speeches, claiming, among other things, that the Alaskan polar bear population has doubled (no), that there's no proof man has contributed to climate change (lol) and that capping carbon will kill the economy (newp), and now she's making an anti-climate change documentary. Sarah Palin is incorrect about pretty much everything, and last night Jimmy Kimmel took her to task, pointing out that there's a difference between *FACTS* and the literal nonsense that finds its way out of Palin's mouth hole.

Scientists nearly unanimously agree that the climate is rapidly, lethally changing, and though we get a bunch of naysayers making noise every time a snowflake falls, the planet has been consistently warming for years. Whether or not you believe the bees are disappearing because we're killing them with our overseas factories and pesticides or because they feel bad about My Girl, it's harder to make an argument stronger than Kimmel's: "You know how you know when climate change is real? When the hottest year on record is the year it is."

Anyway, Palin might be the living embodiment of Horse_ebooks, but people are dumb enough to listen to the nonsensical words she strings together (and to ignore the very smart people who've been studying this shit for a lifetime) and she's dangerous. It's all well and good when late night hosts eviscerate her, but it would also be nice if world leaders took the necessary action to stop all our oceans from turning into seafood stew. You motherfuckers better not fuck this up.