This has not been a good week for JetBlue: first a Massachusetts mom claimed that a flight attendant wouldn't let her daughter go to the toilet, which resulted in the child urinating on herself. Now, a flight from JFK to Las Vegas had to be diverted to Detroit after a passenger royally freaked out. You can see what happened onboard in the video below, via ABC.

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The flight took off around 6:20 a.m. on Saturday from JFK. It's unclear exactly what prompted the incident, but ABC notes the man was traveling with family members, and was apparently yelling at them; at one point, a woman believed to be his daughter yells, "Dad, stop!" Flight attendants had to break out the zip-ties (though not any duct tape) to restrain him. After they landed, the man was transported via police custody to Oakwood Hospital.

ABC adds one other passenger's terrifying theory of what might have happened: "One passenger said it seemed as if the man was sleeping and woke up in a nightmare and lost his mind." So that totally won't make us anxious next time we fly, nope.