A JetBlue flight from JFK airport to Las Vegas had to make an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas this morning after the captain had some sort of "meltdown." Initial reports from Fox 5 had it that "a man apparently told passengers to 'say their prayers' and tried to storm the cockpit." That man, it turns out, was the freaking CAPTAIN, who had to be subdued by an off-duty NYC cop and by an off-duty JetBlue pilot. [UPDATE: We spoke with a passenger on the flight.] Here's video taken by one passenger after the Captain was subdued—be sure to watch all the way to the end for a real New York moment in Texas:

An unidentified government official tells CBS "the captain became incoherent, which caused the co-pilot to become concerned. According to the official, the co-pilot convinced the captain to leave the cockpit and then locked him out... The captain exhibited odd behavior, randomly striking up conversations with passengers on his way back to the cockpit. When he realized he was locked out, a passenger says the pilot began screaming 'let me in' and acting erratically. One witness says he started running up and down the aisle screaming." Another report says the Captain was "foaming at the mouth" and yelling about a bomb.

An off-duty JetBlue captain who happened to be on the flight stepped in and took over in the the cockpit. The flight, number 191, landed in Amarillo around 10 a.m., and the Captain was taken to a local hospital. JetBlue issued this statement:

Flight 191 departed New York’s JFK airport at 7:28 am ET (was scheduled to depart 6:55 am ET). At roughly 10 am CT/11 am ET, the pilot in command elected to divert to Amarillo, TX for a medical situation involving the Captain. Another Captain, traveling off duty, entered the flight deck prior to landing at Amarillo, and took over the duties of the ill crewmember once on the ground. The aircraft arrived Amarillo at 10:11 am CT, and the crewmember was removed from the aircraft and taken to a local medical facility.

Customers have safely deplaned and we’re sending a new aircraft and crew to Amarillo to continue the flight to Las Vegas.

Despite the flight crew's futile request for everyone to stop documenting the drama ("We don't need pictures of this, please!") you can see plenty of cell phones in the air during that first video above. Here's more, in which you can hear a commotion up front. We're guessing they'll be more YouTube footage coming up soon, and we'll update accordingly.