In 2010, Michael Ihedioha (known also as Michael Nwadiuko, and very nearly known as ChristIsKing) was sentenced to three years probation for preaching his gospel on the Staten Island ferry, during which he apparently blocked the aisle and resisted moving at an officer's urging. Welp, those three years are up, and now he's back on the boat, to the great consternation of one agitated lady filming and an even greater consternation of a commuter caught in the middle, just trying to drink his damn coffee.

The rant is generally limited to standard-issue proselytizing, but the woman is not content to let this go. "Please move on sir, this is not a church, it's public transportation," the exasperated voice behind the camera says. "Fucking kill me," the desperate face of the coffee-drinker says. But then something amazing happens. A man, who of course resembles (the Western imagining of) Jesus, appears in Ihedioha's defense.

"There's a quiet room you can go to if you don't want to hear the sermon," he says, arguing that Ihedioha is merely expressing his freedom of speech. Ihedioha, for his part, falls silent and begins to slink away, like, "Who is this crazy asshole upstaging me?" For some reason, the woman chooses NOW to cut the film, but I'm sure the ride culminated in some sort of brawl, resulting in the woman stabbing Jesus in the face with her stiletto heel while Ihedioha sits down and hides behind a copy of the Wall Street Journal.

The coffee drinker, undoubtedly, finished his cup and quietly threw himself over the edge. Or moved to Los Angeles.