Whatever you thought of Jeremy Lin's all-too-brief stint in NYC last year—whatever you thought of the way he left the team and the money it would have cost to keep him—there's no denying that Lin singlehandedly reinvigorated the Knicks franchise and season, captivating the city and connecting with fans in a way that stars Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire never could. There's no better proof of that than the five-year-old in the videos below—the first video shows Naim having a serious breakdown over Lin leaving. Lin was touched by the video, contacted the family, and ended up meeting Naim via Skype, encouraging him to keep rooting for the Knicks. “They’re going to be a great team with or without me, alright?” Lin says to the kid. “You have to keep going to their games and watching them. They’ll be really good.”

While Naim doesn't know enough to understand the grim reality of luxury taxes, salary caps, and the wild mercury sound of JD and the Straight Shot, he has now learned the most important lesson when it comes to being a Knicks fan: it sucks being a Knicks fan. Almost as much as it sucks being a Jets fan.