Important journalist James O'Keefe visited Zuccotti Park Monday to blow the lid off the corrupt Occupy Wall Street protesters, and boy did he ever. O'Keefe's organization, called Project Veritas, (Latin for "Credit Card Debt") specializes in exposing the truth through lies: specifically, lying to everyone being filmed and lying to its viewers, who have no idea how the tape is edited.

O'Keefe's "bombshell" is a girl who is eating cake (Aristocrats eat cake!) and when asked what the protests are about, replies, "I don't have a fucking idea." He then proceeds to speak with two other gentlemen, one who wants O'Keefe, posing as a Wall Street banker, to invest in his "corporations," that "fund agencies that are building Constitutional World Federation." The second refers to a union and claims that they're owned by a bank that backs the protests. Stupid, yes, but that's it? Oh and he smells and attempts to SMOKE some demon weed. How is O'Keefe so brave in the face of such danger?

While the protesters are breaking camp now before the mainstream media gets a whiff of this bombshell, take a look at this other piece of investigative journalism. When will the Pulitzer committee recognize the medium of tapping Americans on their shoulders, shoving a camera in their faces and waiting 30 seconds before they say something stupid?