Lots of grim news for basketball fans today: NBA Players Association chief Billy Hunter said that if he "had to bet on it," he'd wager that the entire 2011-12 regular season will be canceled due to the lockout. So what will the Knicks players and officials do in the interim? Oh sure, Amare might be able to play in China, Carmelo could make a reality show about hanging out with Pandas, and Landry Fields would finally have the time for a collaboration with Spike Lee, but the rest of the team would be utterly adrift. And if that weren't bad enough news, here's Knicks owner James Dolan performing his latest hit single..."Fix The Knicks." Watch/listen below:

Has Dolan, lead singer of JD and the Straight Shot, started to grow something resembling...self-awareness? It's either that, or the song is just the latest, cringiest notch in his continuously tone-deaf, egotistical, entitled billionaire bedpost. As Deadspin put it, "He writes from the heart. He writes what he knows. Basically, he writes about people yelling at him all the time for doing such a shitty job running the Knicks."

Dolan performed the song while opening for Aretha Franklin at the Jones Beach Theater on Long Island last week, and suffice to say, everyone is really bugging him about fixing the Knicks. He has the weight of their missed free throws on his shoulders! And around the one minute mark, you can hear this gem, which is sure to make any Knicks fan's blood boil: "Doing my best, yes that's my promise/ I check with my friend called Isiah Thomas." WHY ARE THEY CLAPPING AT THE END?

Here are the full lyrics:

Everywhere I go, I hear everybody say

‘What you gonna do to make that team play’

From the folks across the street at 34th and 6th

Everyone who calls says, ‘Hey man, fix the Knicks’


Fix the Knicks and make them shine

Get on and win like it’s ’69

Hitting all their free throws and no more shooting bricks

Time to get it right and fix the Knicks

Doing my best and that’s my problem

I check with my friend called Isiah Thomas

Pay no mind to those nasty critics

They haven’t done a thing to fix the Knicks


We know we’re getting better, but still no respect

We score a lot of points, but where’s the defense?

Everyone’s an expert saying ‘Trade your draft picks’

You got to get ‘this guy’ to fix the Knicks