With tens of thousands of people competing in the 42nd NYC Marathon, and tens of thousands of other people cheering them along and/or having fancy brunch parties in its honor, NYC feels kind of dead right now. Even the Post is having a hard time finding new ways to express their anti-OWS rage. So yes, people carrying their dogs in Baby Bjorns isn't exactly Woodward and Berstein material—these "pug pugjorns" have been making strange appearances around the web for awhile now. But perhaps Baby Bjorns are the perfect solution to avoid any more people assaulting bus drivers for not letting their Chihuahua's onboard.

And damnit, if we saw a funny little guy flailing like the one in Penn. Station in the video below, we'd follow it around too! Maybe we'd follow it to the ends of the Earth! Probably not though. Regardless, let he who is unmoved by cute animals cast the first stone.