They may have looked a bit unsure of themselves, but the Jets were able to hold on for a much-needed win over divisional rivals the Buffalo Bills this afternoon, 28-24. Putting aside Mark Sanchez's career-high four TD's, perhaps the most notable play of the game came on a touchdown by Bills receiver Steve Johnson. He celebrated a score late in the first half by mocking Jets receiver Plaxico Burress, pretending to shoot himself in the leg. Watch below.

Burress went on to serve 20 months in prison for shooting himself in the leg at a Manhattan nightclub in 2008, a year after the Giants had won the Super Bowl. Johnson wasn't satisfied just mocking Burress though: after his leg dance, he ran to the left side of the end zone with his arms extended—mocking the "flight" celebration Jets players often use after scoring—and then crashed to the ground. The Jets got the last laugh though: Johnson and the Bills were penalized for excessive celebration, which led to the Jets scoring on the next play.

Oh yeah—and the Jets won the game.