An intoxicated driver crashed into a tractor trailer on Houston Street in Manhattan this week—and he decided the best way to show his appreciation that no one was hurt in the incident was by doing a striptease for cops. "I don't know what he's on, but he's off his face," the videographer says. Skip to 1:50 in the video below for the fireworks.

The incident happened on Houston Street and Avenue B on Thursday evening. The intoxicated man slammed into the semi as it was trying to make a left turn. The driver then got out of his car only wearing one shoe, then ripped off his shirt and put his hands down his pants as cops started talking to him. "Man dances, screams, strips and puts hand down pants when police arrive," the video uploader wrote.

The officers are surprisingly gentle with the man, with one even putting a blanket over him before taking him away in their vehicle.

Cops confirmed that the man was arrested, but no other details about the incident, including charges, were available immediately. We'll update when we learn more.