On Tuesday, a U.S. Open match between Julien Benneteau and Olivier Rochus was brought to a standstill, thanks to a squirrel who darted across the court. Does he know Rally Squirrel? Either way, he's adorable!

The video shows people (ball boys/girls?) throwing tennis balls at the squirrel, in hopes of flushing—GET IT?!?!—him out. The Post reports, "The frisky rodent suddenly appeared on the DecoTurf court and won oohs and ahs from fans as he darted back and forth... The squirrel disappeared and play resumed — only to be halted again when he briefly returned to the court, before finding a hole in a chain-link fence and vanishing into the wilds of Flushing Meadows." And Benneteau won, 7-6(1) 6-2 6-3.

In case you don't get to see Interrupting Squirrel, we have tips on how to enhance your U.S. Open experience.