It seems as though Donald "Enormous Balls" Trump misses the days when he was fake running for president and fake caring about birth certificates; since then, the living hairpiece has begun reasserting himself into political conversations, criticizing Obama, handicapping the Republican candidates, and even fake flirting with a 3rd party run. But who cares about all that when we can take a peek at the "yards and yards of gold silk" inside his private 747 Trumplane!

Trump posted a video tour of the incredibly classy and not-at-all over the top plane on his YouTube channel today. In the video, Amanda Miller (the secretary from The Apprentice) woodenly takes us on a tour of the Rolls Royce-powered plane to the soundtrack of some cheesy Cribz-esque music. The seats are embroidered with the Trump family crest! The seat belts (along with everything else) is 24-karat gold plated! There are thousands of Trump-approved movies available! The guest bedroom has mohair!

And best of all, the master bedroom is covered in those "yards and yards of gold silk." What else would be appropriate for the man who eats his pizza with a fork and knife? Watch the video below: