Last year

the Prospect Park swans were sparring amongst themselves, but is an outsider now messing with the (now friendly) tribe?

An observant local recently spotted one of the swans, named John Boy, sitting in shallow water. Susan Yuen told the Brooklyn Paper, “His beak was stuffed in his feathers. His legs were in an odd position and his wings were kind of draped in the water." She called the Center for Animal Care and Control, who rescued him; they say he'll be sent to a licensed rehabilitator.

Park officials are looking into testing the lake's water (which many have complained about), and authorities have been alerted to the mysterious butchery that's been plaguing the area lately. In recent weeks, the park has seen 2 dead opossums, 1 dead blackbird, 1 dead duck, 1 dead turtle, and up to 8 dead fish! However, a Prospect Park spokesman points the finger at the circle of life, saying: “Sick animals are pretty common after the long winter. It is very unlikely that the 60-acre watercourse is contaminated.” They mystery deepens!

UPDATE:WPIX has video: