For those of you in need of a feel-good tale on this rancid, boiling Tuesday, a young great white shark got beached in Cape Cod on Monday and some sympathetic humans helped it get back in the water. Perhaps the ocean creatures will remember this act of kindness when they finally overthrow us.

Toddler Jaws was apparently trying to snack on a seagull when it got stuck on the sand. Witnesses saw the shark was having trouble breathing and moving, so they splashed water on it to keep it alive. "We felt really bad for it,” Good Sharkaritan Isabelle Hegland told CBS News. “It was just trying to get some food so we didn’t want it to die.”

Thankfully, the humans were able to keep the shark alive long enough for shark expert Greg Skomal to show up—he and his crew tagged the little guy and dragged it out into deeper water so it could swim away:

Gothamist shark whisperer John Del Signore fears this newly-freed shark will eventually repay these human saviors by growing up and eating them, though sharks typically only attack humans if they're being super annoying. Which, in the sharks' defense, is something humans excel at being.