Earlier this week, a video showing an Uber passenger harassing a driver and threatening to falsely accuse him of rape came to light, and quickly went viral. Uber got wind of the video, and now the passenger has been banned from the platform for life.

The video, which you can watch below, shows a female passenger in the Bronx threatening her driver, reportedly after he told her he didn't have a phone charger to lend her. In the video, the passenger claims the driver hit her in the face; she threatens to call the police and falsely accuse him of rape; she tries to damage his car, and she tells him, "Donald Trump going to send you and your family back [to your country]."

Uber released a statement regarding the incident. "The behavior in this video is abusive and completely unacceptable," an Uber spokesperson said. "As our Community Guidelines make clear, this will not be tolerated by anyone who uses Uber,” they added. “The rider’s account has been banned and Uber is looking into this incident."