How many cops does it take to dock a Citi Bike? More than four, apparently, because despite repeated slamming attempts, this quadrumvirate of officers were unable to secure the cycle in the racks at Atlantic Avenue near the Barclays Center yesterday evening.

Citi Bike has nicely requested that anyone struggling to dock their bike simply interrogate passing strangers until they locate a member with a key, thereby unlocking a "pinned" bike. Either none of the officers are card-carrying Citi Bike members, or else they didn't think beseeching strangers for help doing their jobs would make a sufficiently flattering #MyNYPD post. Mercifully, tipster Mike Ureña, who shot the video, tells us the cops successfully secured the bike "eventually."

While slamming the bikes is frowned upon by Citi Bike, at least it's not illegal. Unlike, say, salmoning through city streets during a cycling crackdown.