Yesterday's hail storm brought huge icy chunks into Queens and Long Island, hitting homes and cars. One reader sent us a photograph of the damage to her car, "Giant hail cracked through car windshields. Here, two holes were left when baseball-sized hail went right through the rear windshield."

The hail sounded like "golf balls" pelting roofs of homes. Reader S.D. took video—check it out:

Some Queens residents described the hail to CBS 2, saying, "I’ve never seen anything, it was horrifying" and "It looks like eggs. I see this, this is ice. Unbelievable.” And another described other meteorological events during the storm, "You could actually feel the shock wave from the sonic boom from the lightning bolt."

While it was a pain for many, one child in Queens was having a field day with the hail piling up in the yard—his mother told City Room it was like "heaven" for him. And the weather-related issues have continued to cause more delays on Long Island Rail Road lines.