A Queens grandma is on a mission to find the man who snatched her purse while she was shopping in a Kosher market, despite the fact that cops haven't really aided her thus far. As the Daily News points out, 77-year-old Bertha Presz grew up in Belgium as a child, fled the Nazis, and survived the Holocaust—so she's not going to let some punk get away with stealing her bag. Below, check out video of the thief making off with her purse.

The purse snatching occurred on Aug. 3 while Presz was shopping at Brach’s Glatt Kosher Meat Market in Kew Gardens Hills. The thief got her cell phone, bank cards and at least $150 in cash. Presz's relatives say that police have dismissed their concerns over the incident: “They made us feel like idiots,” said Presz’s daughter, Hindy Laster. “The cop on duty said he understands it’s upsetting but that they were busy dealing with stabbings.”

And while purse snatching doesn't necessarily warrant the same attention as a stabbing, Laster points out that “police should at least pretend that they are trying to take care of it." Presz has instead been waging a one-woman campaign, handing out flyers with a printout of the perp in her neighborhood. Police told the News they were just too busy with other cases to help, although the NYPD did send out a grainy photo of the perp to the media yesterday—two weeks after the incident, with no video, and only after reporters starting asking questions. Still, one police source argues, “A lot of times people think their cases are the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, but we have other victims."