A hit-and-run driver was caught on video playing bumper cars in Brooklyn traffic this week. The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon on 86th Street near 6th Street in Gravesend.

"I look over and a small car is crushed against the back of a delivery truck," the video uploader wrote on LiveLeak. "The passenger of the delivery truck jokingly grabbed his neck while looking at me, feigning injury. The delivery truck men approach the small car and confront the driver." You can see what happened next below.

"Loud revving was coming from the small car as one of the men was grabbing the steering wheel forcing the small car to the corner where the video starts," the uploader continued. "The men were yelling back-and-forth, it seems the small car was trying to make a getaway."

The NYPD confirmed that no fatalities resulted from the incident, but could not provide any other details about it, including whether the driver has been arrested.