Obviously there are a lot of heated opinions about the city's controversial stop-and-frisk policy, which was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge this week. But one proud Upper West Side resident has by far the most logical craziest perspective on the whole thing. As Complex reported, Joan from the Upper West Side called into NY1's nightly 10pm show, "The Call," on Wednesday, and patiently explained why she's a-okay with stop-and-frisk ending in the outer boroughs, but dear god, not Manhattan: "Manhattan is special. Let's put it this way: we are New York! Brooklyn and Queens and Staten Island, I....I don't even like talking about those kinds of places!"

Joan, from the Upper West Side, on The Call. from FEK on Vimeo.

Host John Schiumo was slightly dumbfounded by the call, assuming at first that Joan was being sarcastic, or perhaps doing an outdated Woody Allen impression—but Joan, who is "very active in liberal politics," was being completely sincere:

Well, in all due respect, think about it this way: affordable housing—I mean, New Yorkers accept [this] in the boroughs, but you don't want those people living around you! Of course, I would be the first to say anyone in Brooklyn and Queens and Staten Island would be prejudiced for that, but I mean, ugh, I'm not a hypocrite!

As Schuimo put it, "That's one of the funniest things I've heard in eight years of this program." By the way, Joan's still up in the air about The Bronx, and she's probably voting for Quinn.

[via Complex]