The most important bike racks of the year are rolling out today: The MTA is testing three different types of bike racks to place in front of buses, to enable customers to "bike and ride." And, if you happen to be on Staten Island, the MTA released a helpful video of how it'll work.

Watch the video below.

Over the next year, the MTA will be piloting the racks along the S53 and S93. The racks hold two non-collapsible bicycles and are first-come, first-serve. Customers are also responsible for loading and unloading the bikes—the video notes the customer should make eye contact with the driver once the bike is unloaded.

The pilot is costing $42,000, for the 38 bike racks purchased, and the MTA says, "Over the course of the pilot, NYC Transit will study the feasibility of continuing and/or expanding the program to other boroughs by looking at any impacts on service, safety, fleet maintenance, training, operations, costs and legal issues." Let's make this a success, people—and be good bus passengers/bike riders.