Earlier today, Gothamist published an interview with Mayor Bill de Blasio in which he defended his decision to stay in the presidential race despite, well, everything about it. Among other things, he praised the power of social media to change a race, yearning for a "game-changing moment" which "could happen in an hour for all you know."

Is this what he had in mind?

De Blasio was scheduled to address the Iowa Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO) in person today, but was not able to get there after a flight cancellation. Instead, he teleconferenced in via video screen. What could go wrong?

Our very tall mayor now has a very high voice.

It's like my great-grandfather always said: you get the viral moment you deserve.

Some people on Twitter were able to see the bright side: "de Blasio sounding like he inhaled a helium balloon is still more presidential than trump on his best day...this funny, tho 😂"

Charlie Wishman, the secretary treasurer of the Iowa Federation of Labor, apologized to de Blasio for the technical glitch immediately after the high-pitched address. "That was a little bit different. I apologize to Mayor de Blasio. Our video conferencing was working this morning when President Trumka was on, so I'm not entirely sure what happened," he said.

Nobody can say de Blasio isn't pitching in to really earn that 1% at the polls.