On Saturday, Parents for Occupy Wall Street led a Rally Against NYPD Bullies, to denounce "bullying and specifically the recent actions of NYPD Police Brutality." Kids painted signs and 5,000 paper hearts in Union Square, "one to represent each peaceful protest arrested over the past 3 months," and brought them to the gates of City Hall. But NYPD officers standing watch apparently didn't appreciate the arts and crafts, and began tearing them down to cries of "Shame!" and several children weeping.

You can see the waste of perfectly good construction paper at around 3:10.

Shortly before the two officers began ripping the signage off the fence (one of them does so with particular zeal—what's more motivating than the tears of children?) the several dozen protesters are passed by a hoard of tipsy Santas. "Stop bullying in schools!" One girl shouts. "Occupy North Pole!" says another. Another man sees where this is going: "Occupy my pole!"

While the kids may have seen their creations destroyed, they'll flash back to this moment in 15 years as they're putting the finishing touches on a riot shield before joining the masses outside the White House on the eve that President Gingrich declares himself Historian for Life. As the chant goes: "The children, united, will never be defeated!"