In a video we sincerely wish the furry tyrants who rule our garbage bin could somehow see, this hawk nonchalantly devours a giant rat atop a car in Flushing, Queens. Several times the hawk glances around at passersby, wondering why anyone would bat an eye while it slurps up the rodent's intestines like that single strand of spaghetti in Lady and the Tramp.

Some Redditors praise the part where the car horn honks (0:43) or when the hawk really gets down to business (2:54), but the most moving portion is the moment the hawk shares with the man pushing a cart (2:39). Using the primal swagger that only the progenitors of dinosaurs possess, the hawk seems to say, "You're pushing a cart, I'm eating a rat, ain't life something? See you Tuesday."

For something that's equally adorable and less grisly, check out this tiny Saw-whet owl that was released into Central Park last week after recovering from its injuries.

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