Some days you wake up angry, and you don't know where it's coming from. The street is empty when you look; that feeling seems unlocatable. Then we saw this video of Carlos Baez violently yanking and choking a dog by its leash inside an elevator, and we should have known that feeling was coming from the infamous Grant Houses. Have people not caught on to the fact that everything you do in an elevator is being videotaped?

Baez, 29, can be seen in the video (you can see below) yanking and spinning his 10-pound mutt, named Dutch, into a dizzy frenzy inside the Grant Houses on Amsterdam Ave. in Harlem. At one point, Baez kicked the tiny 3-year-old dog into the wall of the elevator, according to police. Baez was caught days after the incident, and charged with torturing and injuring animals and possession of marijuana.

The Grant Houses are gaining a bit of a reputation as a dog abusing resort. Earlier this year, Chris Grant brutally kicked his Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix (named Chuvi-Duvi) in the same complex; days after that, Tiara Davis was caught pounding her 4-year-old Pomeranian, Sparky. And they were all caught on surveillance cam in the same elevator!

Last week, a SI man was accused of starving and neglecting two pets he was pet-sitting, and an LI man was accused of sexually abusing a dog named Snowball. And as the cherry on top of all that, a CT man admitted he may have "inadvertently" put his fingers inside a horse.