In case you're not familiar with ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church, which was established in Harlem back in 1957, it is essentially a slightly less controversial Westboro Baptist Church of NYC. It's true that ATLAH hasn't quite stooped to the level of, say, protesting veterans' funerals, but it has served as a mouthpiece for raging bigot Dr. James David Manning, who has spent the past six years ranting about Obama. And Manning went on a particularly vile rant this week, as you can see in the video below (all of which inspired the sign in the photo above).

To summarize: Manning is angry at Obama for releasing "homo demons" upon the black community in order to steer them away from black women because Obama has a very complicated, very evil plan to destroy the black community. Besides the fact that he refers to Brooklyn Nets' Jason Collins as an "alleged" basketball player, our favorite part is his description of the "white homosexual male:"

But black women, let me say something to you: you'll have a very hard time competing against a white homosexual male. He usually has got money, a white homo usually has an American Express card...homos love the theater, they love to go out to dinners, parties, they love that kind of a thing! And as a black woman, you can't compete!

Manning also notes that he's a big supporter of the Ugandan and Nigerian anti-gay laws, because of course he is. Bill de Blasio better watch out, because it's only a matter of time before he incurs the wrath of Manning.

Until then, enjoy some of Manning's greatest hits, because laughter can sometimes be a pretty effective medicine.