Most of NYC may not have been washed away during last night's storm, but there has been plenty of flooding from Long Island to lower Manhattan. That didn't deter the duo in the video below from taking a dip in the sewage-ridden waters lapping at Wall Street-Pier 11 this morning. Considering that they're wearing what appears to be bathing suits, it seems they were truly inspired by the mild flooding to frolic in the enchanting sewage remnants.

"We're up on the 12th floor of a building nearby," explained video uploader Brian Moore. "Someone noticed them swimming in the water so we all flocked...kept checking back and they were there for at least 30 min. Took the video through a pair of binoculars...We also went down and saw them drying off." Well, it is nice to see family members spend quality time together, even if they are ingesting mouthfuls of E.coli in the process.

Video Aug 13, 11 08 30 AM from Gothamist on Vimeo.

In case you too are under the impression that post-rainstorm would be an ideal time to find out whether Kramer has been pulling your leg about the rejuvenating powers of the East River, maybe think again: "Sometimes, during heavy rains or snow, combined sewers fill to capacity and are unable to carry the combined sanitary and storm sewage to the plants.When this occurs the mix of excess storm water and untreated sewage flows directly into the City's waterways."

Of course, this could all just be the father/grandfather's attempt to gently initiate the younger fellow into the secret traditions of NYC.