While the eyes of the world were on the riots in Iran over the weekend, another shocking miscarriage of justice almost went unnoticed closer to home in East Hampton—but thankfully a reporter for Plum TV was on hand to bravely document Saturday night's panic at the shitshow. In the middle of a rainstorm, a crowd waiting for their cars and others clamoring to get inside were huddled under the awning outside Georgica, a "hotspot" run by promoter Matt Levine, whom you may recall from his work at Lower East Side tool magnet The Eldridge.

According to multiple accounts, the awning was retracted for an hour as part of a failed strategy to disperse the mob of partygoers. One patron tells the Post, "There were a lot of people outside, so they pulled it up, except no one left. They just got angry and wet. It was like a mini-riot, since some of the people who were wet had just paid a lot of money for dinner." But Levine defended the soaking in a statement: "The awning was pulled up at 11 p.m. as a request by security and the door staff. Between a smoking section, the valet, people exiting and people wishing to gain late-night access, there was a major fire hazard at the front entrance. It was put back down at around midnight, after the dinner/late-night rush cleared. Everyone was taken care of."

Yet this appalling video shows several would-be patrons taken care of by the rain, and at least one striped dress shirt getting soaked! We must concur with the Plum TV correspondent's ruling: "Party score: Zero." In fact, the velvet rope blocking the exit from Georgica's parking lot may even push that party score into the negative digits. "Are we on the list for Highway 27?"