Current NYC Comptroller John Liu hasn't been able to inspire the headlines that fellow mayoral candidates Anthony Weiner and Christine Quinn have; he doesn't take the sorts of goofy photos that make John Catsamatidis endearing (albeit in a Garbage Pail Kids kind of way); he hasn't gotten himself arrested and he hasn't had a sex scandal (as far as we know). Really, the most interesting thing about Liu us that he thinks Troy is a great movie. He's kind of boring (give or take a federal campaign finance scandal). But can any of those other candidates do an ollie?

According to Hunter Walker of Talking Points Memo, Liu borrowed the reporter's skateboard and took it for a spin outside the They Might Be Giants concert at the Prospect Park Bandshell in Brooklyn Saturday night. It seems Liu was an avid skateboarder in his youth (his yearbook quote includes: "Keep on running and/or rolling."), though Liu admitted he hadn't been on one in awhile.

Of course, Liu would probably have to subway skateboard to really make some headway with the all important 11-17 voting demographic, but it still adds a bit of personality. So at the next Comptroller debate, the real question is: do either Eliot Spitzer or Scott Stringer have the steeze to lead?