It's that time of year when salt on our roads and sidewalks melts snow down into a potent froth that corrodes some of Con Ed's wiring, causing dangerously electrified manhole covers; transformer fires; and unleashing the demonic spirit Zuul in plumes of red, sulfuric smoke. Here's the scene in Bensonhurst, where the Sumerian shape-shifting god of destruction Gozer The Gozerian has belched forth Zuul to bring the borough to its knees:

While it's always reassuring to see New Yorkers blithely going about their business while all hell breaks loose inches away, it is worth remembering that Con Ed manhole covers and sidewalk utility boxes can become electrified due to corrosion after a heavy snowfall. You may want to consider sidestepping anything that says Con Ed when you have the option. And never visualize the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man if you can at all avoid it. [Via Reddit]