Last night, Fred Armisen reappeared on Saturday Night Live's Thursday Weekend Update as a now-mustachioed Governor Paterson. If you don't remember, his schtick was complete with references to President Obama (allegedly) asking him to step aside in 2010—"It’s like the pope calling a local priest and telling him to go to Hell"—his blindness, and his hatred of New Jersey!

For instance, "Paterson" said of his one-time, pre-Spitzer resignation desire to be a Senator, "I had great dreams of living in Washington, D.C., walking zig-zag up the Capitol steps. You know, shaking hands with an even mix of humans and statues … trying to stick my ATM card in the Vietnam memorial, then showing up late for votes and flicking off the senators from ... New Jerzzzey." The Paterson bit starts about 13 minutes (or something like that) into this video:

"Paterson" also said, "I dare Andrew Cuomo to show his pretty face in Utica: The locals will just hide in their caves and throw boulders at him." When SNL spoofed PAterson earlier this year, he wasn't so happy.