While some other governors may see record low temperatures and historic snowfall as an excuse to sit in some cockamamie "command center" and order other people around, Governor Andrew Cuomo's boots hit the frozen streets of the Empire State to enforce the law.

With Buffalo and surrounding Eerie Country in the grip of a dangerous winter storm, Cuomo banned tractor trailers and buses from traveling on several major state routes. ("The leading cause of death and injuries during winter storms is transportation accidents," according to a release from the Governor's Office.)

That didn't stop some Billy Big Riggers from thinking they were stronger than the storm, or the rule of law.

“This is a disgrace, for these tractor-trailer drivers to be violating the ban and putting people’s lives in danger,” the governor told reporters at a press conference on Thursday morning. But those weren't just empty words: Cuomo then headed out to speak to these truck drivers in person, to administer justice— which in this case is a $450 fine, two points on their license, and potential criminal charges.

Later, the governor's office released footage of Cuomo's journey. (We recommend playing both of the following videos at the same time.)

In 2017, Governor Cuomo helped rescue a motorist stranded in the snow outside of New York City. Sometimes the governor helps you out of your rut, other times he gives you a fine for $450.

[UPDATE / 4:22 p.m.] At 3:53 p.m, the Governor's Office released more footage of Governor Cuomo admonishing truck drivers, and it's one of those rare cases in which the sequel is better than the original film.

Watch the full video of the governor putting up a gate (without gloves), then ask a trucker, "What are you doing?"