As you've probably heard, an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will be passing very close to our planet tonight. Don't panic! Even though this is the closest approach by an asteroid of this magnitude that scientists have known about in advance—and if it hit us it would make a crater four miles wide and 1,700 feet deep, creating a shock equivalent to a magnitude seven earthquake—there is no cause for alarm. In this video, a scientist on the government's payroll explains why everything's going to be just fine, addressing humanity from what appears to be a windowless, climate-controlled bunker:

While researching how we could save humanity in the event that the scientists are wrong about the asteroid's trajectory, we came upon this interesting development: video game company Tobii has created a version of Asteroids in which you blow up incoming space rocks with merely a glance. It's called EyeAsteroids, and there are no controls: everything is controlled using the eyes. In the video below, one of the creators explains, "The connection you feel with the computer when you're playing is just unparalleled.... It feels like it's really your mind. It's pretty creepy sometimes. But also pretty amazing."

Tonight's real-life asteroid will make its closest pass at a distance of 202,000 miles at 6:28 p.m. EST. Remember, as the video above says, "your eyes are all you need to save the earth." [Via The Atlantic]