Gov. Paterson has been in office for nearly 34 tumultuous months since he took over from hooker-aficionado Eliot Spitzer in March 2008. Between the almost-scandals, the actual-scandals, and the SNL-parodies, it was in his own words, "very challenging, very difficult, very painful at times." Now that he'll be handing the gubernatorial baton off to Andrew Cuomo in January, he and the media have started the process of excavating his short term in office. And he's already given an exit interview with New York Now.

In that exit interview, he says of his tenure as Governor: "This is probably the most difficult period to manage in NY states' history, and without any preparation, I came into office on March 17 on a couple of days notice, and worked us through the most difficult economic crisis we will see in our lifetimes. When you're Governor and you have that many decisions to make, you'll make mistakes. But if you keep working, and you keep learning, you can get to a point where you have success." Among other things, he also talks about one of his greatest regrets: "I regret not appointing the Senator early, but it's hindsight that informs me of it...I think the frenzy is what led to the unfortunate mis-characterization of one of the candidates [Caroline Kennedy] by people working for me, something I will regret for a long time." Below, you can see a compilation of memorable moments from Paterson's term in office.