In case losing Gmail for approximately half an hour on Monday wasn't enough to convince you of the stranglehold Google holds over you, the company unveiled their 2012 Year-End Zeitgeist site. It's a timely reminder that Google knows everything about you and all the disgusting things you like to search for. Below, you can see a video of all those global trends. But be warned: the video was able to elicit an emotional response from even the hardest of hearts.

Of course, Google really dropped the ball with the soundtrack, choosing some no name, generically uplifting Coldplay-lite tune. They should have at least used fun.'s "Some Nights," or just gone to the real deal and cut a check directly toward financing Gwyneth Paltrow's iTouch gloves. Or maybe they could have used Maroon 5's "One More Night" and exorcised the demons from Jen Carlson's mind.

For more Google fun, check out the top ten most searched terms in NYC in 2012 below. There's some very obvious stuff (Hurricane Sandy! MTA!) and then there's...SoulCycle. Who the hell is searching for SoulCycle? Are you searching for SoulCycle? Did you accidentally click refresh a million times when you did? Maybe they got SoulCycle confused with Train's "Hey Soul Sister," which we DID search for a billion times, because we love Samsung 3D LED TVs.

Top Ten Most Searched Terms in New York City, New York in 2012
1. Hurricane Sandy
2. MTA
3. NY Knicks
4. NY Giants
5. StreetEasy NYC
6. SoulCycle NYC
7. NY Times
9. NY Daily News
10. Con Edison