There have been too many headlines penned about crimes against women in the city's clubs. Inside Edition has now gone undercover, placing hidden cameras inside what they dub the "trendiest clubs" here. Their investigation lasted a month, during which time they also surveyed women on their safety. They report back that "42% of women surveyed have felt threatened by men inside or outside a bar or nightclub." The show obtained the below footage taken from Marquee's surveillance camera about five months ago, showing a female's limp body being dragged out of the club by a man, who kidnapped and raped her.

The man in the video is 39-year-old Luis Zambrano, who pleaded guilty to the charge earlier this month. Lisa Friel, the Chief of the Manhattan District Attorney's Sex Crimes Unit, told the show, "Zambrano is not unusual. The fact that we have him on videotape is the unusual part. Not a week goes by that we don't get one of these cases coming into the unit to investigate." According to their study, "13% said they woke up somewhere after a night of drinking at a club and had no idea how they got there." Read more on the disturbing report here, and think about staying in tonight, ladies.