How long does it take first responders to remove a goat from the Pulaski Skyway in NJ? About 90 minutes on a Tuesday morning. We learned all this today, when a rascally creature was "hopping over the hoods of cars" and causing a four-car accident (luckily no one was injured).

According to the Jersey Journal, "For nearly an hour, the goat—named 'Sky' by the Jersey City Police Department's Emergency Services Unit that helped capture her—ambled back and forth between the Skyway ramps for Broadway and Tonnelle Avenue after police closed the roadway in both directions." ESU only captured the goat when she became tired.

Sky had a USDA tag in her ear, but no one has stepped forward to claim her. The Jersey Journal adds, "An employee at American Halal Meats, a slaughter house on Raymond Boulevard in Newark, said that his company was not missing any goats. The employee, who said his company slaughters 150 goats a day, was relieved that this goat was not hurt." She's at a farm in Wantage, NJ now. If no one claims her, she'll stay there as a lucky goat.

And if you want to see a fun NYC runaway goat, here you go!