Are men more likely to cheat and lie to their girlfriends than the other way around? That's certainly what celebrity rabble-rousing lawyer Gloria Allred believes. Allred is representing two women who allegedly badmouthed their ex-lover online on the website "I do believe that women should have a legal right to share information with each other, if they feel they have been betrayed in a relationship...We all know who is generally the victim of a lie or cheating," she said. Watch her latest it's-all-about-me press conference below:

Allred's clients—former 'roller jam' television star Stacey Blitsch and lawyer Amanda Ryncarz—both dated lawyer Matthew Couloute Jr., and say that Couloute jilted them (Blitsch has a son with him). One such anonymous posting on the site about Couloute said, “Our relationship didn't last long, as I figured him out pretty quickly, but for others, BE FOREWARNED, HE’S SCUM. RUN FAR AWAY.” Couloute sued both of them for defamation, and say that they have interfered with his "ability to make a living."

Biltsch denies writing any posts about Couloute; Ryncarz admits she did, but says her comments were protected by free speech. "I wanted to warn other women in order to protect them from what I suffered," she explained. Rather than just filing the motion to dismiss the suit, Allred took the opportunity to bash man-kind in general at the press conference: "We believe that men are more likely to lie and cheat in their relationships with women than vice-versa...Often the men in a relationship have more money, they have more power (and) they have more resources of every kind."

All in all, this was one of Allred's less controversial press conferences—her clients should just be glad that this one didn't involve Allred repeatedly simulating anal sex with a baseball bat in front of two nine-year-olds.